The Tale of Two Fridges

When Mike and I were buying our house, we went back forth a little on negotiating the details.  Then came the proclamation “How about we throw in the appliances: washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher and over.  This is our final offer.”  Holy Moley!  This house may have not come with appliances?!?  It never occurred to me that the refrigerator wouldn’t be included.  Of course, it never occurred to me that I should have demanded that the seller remove the fridge before signing my soul away.  The trick to that offer was that the fridge couldn’t be removed without a major effort.  It was installed during construction of the townhouse.  It was bigger than the doorway, and any of the landing turns it would have to make to get from the second story kitchen to the ground.  Every townhouse in my neighborhood had the same fridge.  Every neighbor had an epic story and a tired laughter when asked how they got it out.

After living in our house for a month we began our epic battle with the fridge.  It froze everything and the water dispenser rarely worked.  Mike tried to fix the water dispenser over and over again.  It was only later that we realized that the water entered through the fridge where it froze.  The fridge froze fruit, water, leftovers, lettuce, everything.  We tried every setting, filling it up with jugs of water, eating only foods that didn’t get destroyed when frozen (like lettuce). 

The truth if the fridge was that it was mammoth and two people who graze instead of cook simply can’t store enough food to keep it all from freezing.  We didn’t buy bulk bags of chicken on sale at Costco.  We went to the grocery store almost every evening to pick out something for the grill or to assemble that night.  But the fridge beckoned us.  It called us to store things in it.  Fill it up.  That’s right.  Five bbq sauce bottles.  There had to be an end to the absurdity!

 Salvation came in the form of a friend who recently adopted three children.  Here was a family who belonged with the giant fridge!  Who needed a giant fridge!  Who, dare I say it, even desired a giant fridge!

With his help, some new wood, and a few tools the fridge came out, and Ta Da! The new fridge went in!  It looks odd because it’s a studio apt sized fridge.  Don’t worry – there’s a plan.  Its small size is wonderful for our two people, three animal family.  Food does not freeze, nothing gets lots and there’s no more room for bbq sauce absurdity.

Anyone have any furniture moving stories?
BTW – check out my friends’ journey of adoption at
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