A Home For Charlie’s Stuff

I have a new puppy – a new chewing puppy.  His name is Charlie, and while he is the cutest puppy in Georgia, all of his tennis balls, tug of war toys, leashes, treats and collars Ikea Leksvik Wall Shelfpiled up on the kitchen counter by the backdoor were not so cute.   So what to do? Go to some big box store and purchase a particle board shelf with generic hook?


 If necessity is the mother of invention, then invention’s grandmother was a garage full of tools. 

Amate Cabinet

The Amate Cabinet

This beauty is created from yellow pine with a sliding front door.  One half of the slide is Balsa wood, the other half is an amate  paper sandwich between plexiglass.  The use of amate paper goes as far back as the Mayan and Aztec Indians, who created painted books to describe stories and important events.  Like the folks who used the paper to contain the stories of their lives, I use the cabinet to contain the story of Charlie; a happy puppy that is slowly being spoiled rotten.

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